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firmworks product FileViewer documentation and release details



  1. Upload and Tag
  2. Search and Filter
  3. View on Record
  4. Resizable Preview
  5. Public Link Management
  6. Enhanced Entity Sharing Management
  7. Bulk Upload
  8. Tag and Update Existing Documents Quickly
  9. Multi file Viewer
  10. Powerful File Reporting
  11. File Auditing and Compliance
  12. Record Reports
  13. Public Link Flow Action

Upload And Tag

Easily Tag Files As They are Uploaded

Easily Tag Files As They Are Uploaded

Search and Filter

Driven by your organizations’s values

Search Features

View on Record

View image, pdf and doc files directly on the record without navigating away

View on layout Features

Resizable Previews

Resize the viewing pane directly on the layout to read the fine print.

View on layout Features

Create, Delete, View Content Public links easily to provide external users access. Enhances default public link experience by giving users the option to use passwords to protect links. Delete public links easily to redact access.

Public Links

Enhanced Entity Sharing Management

Create, Delete, View Content Document Link records directly on the layout. Easily create links to any object record in Salesforce more than just users.

Sharing Management

Bulk Upload

Upload hundreds if not thousands of files at once

Bulk Upload

Tag and Update Existing Documents Quickly and Easily

Quickly and easily work with your existing files and documents to give them the metadata they need to report, find, sort, and work with them going forward. With support to use the last edited value to quickly update files.

List Edit

List Edit Last Value

Tabbed Viewer

Load viewable file content directly on the screen so users do not have to navigate away from the record they are on.

Tabbed viewers

Carousel viewers

File Reporting

Report on files and their field values - something not currently available in Salesforce

This example looks for all Accounts where an opportunity has been set to Closed Won within the last fiscal quarter, that also have a file title with ‘MSA’ in it (we recommend using picklists in practice). The power here is that not only can you find Accounts in Compliance with your legal standards - you can quickly find Accounts that are OUT of compliance as well by switching to Records without documents.


File Auditing and Compliance

Reports can be built to your exacting requirements and scheduled to run on your schedule. Scheduled reports produce Salesforce Platform Events that can be used to drive the behavior and activities required to keep your company in compliance.

Schedule Reports

Record Reports

Save a report and drop a component on a layout to help alert your users if documentation is missing.

Example Flow

Using Salesforce Flows you can create public links to add into emails. There are numerous reasons why providing links to content is preferrable to sending the files directly.

Flow Input

As an example requesting the files for an Account - Looping over the links and appending them to an email body.

Create a formula variable to format the results

Flow Input

"<a href=\"" + {!Process_Links.distributionPublicUrl}  + "\" target=\"_blank\">" + {!}   + "</a>" + "  Password: " + {!Process_Links.password}  + if(NOT(ISNULL({!Process_Links.expires})), " Expires: " + TEXT({!Process_Links.expires}) , "") + BR()+ BR()

Append Formula Variable

Creating the Send Email Action

Send Rich Text Email

Resulting Email

Example Email